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  • BPO Capital is an independent marketing and distribution firm established to provide timely, creative and appropriate assets management solutions offered by a number of select money management firms we believe deliver a differentiated solution, designed to either lower portfolio risk or enhance returns for the retail investor marketplace. ​
  • BPO Capital acts as a truly independent third party sales, marketing and distribution firm responsible for introducing financial professionals to mutual funds, separate managers, and various types of non-traditional investment funds to help create Better Portfolio Outcomes.
  • Additionally, we work with our advisor partners to assist them with Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) needs, portfolio analysis, and asset allocation strategies. ​
  • BPO Capital’s primary activity is to raise capital for specific investment managers or funds and receives a fee from these managers or funds for whom it raises capital.  Fees paid to BPO Capital do not increase the fees that are charged to any clients for any investments.​
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