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June was another solid month for the Alpha DNA strategies as we outperformed all of our representative benchmarks. If I am being honest, considering how strongly the strategies had performed in May, I anticipated that we were due for a little “give back” in June.  And despite some intra-month market volatility, the strategies managed to perform admirably.  I strongly believe that Alpha DNA’s systematic approach to portfolio structure is the primary reason we have been able to post sustained performance thus far in 2018.

A few highlights on our strategies:

  • Alpha DNA now has over $75 million in AUM as of this writing
    • Clients that have been using us for over 1 year have made the largest increases in allocation as they have built confidence observing our daily portfolio diligence


  • SMA performance was solid in June with both strategies out-performing the representative benchmark
    • IAS Equity Long Short was up +0.75% net which brings its YTD performance to +4.6% net
    • IAS Best Equity Picks (long-only) was up +0.86% net which brings its YTD performance to +7.3%


  • The Alpha DNA Long Short Equity Hedge Fund was just above flat for the month at +0.06% net for June …
    • … but there is nothing flat about out YTD returns at +9.9% net
    • The Hedge Fund industry continues its recent struggles in both our category (-1.0% YTD for HFRI Quant Directional) and more broadly as exemplified by the YTD Returns of +0.86% for the HFRI Fund Weighted Composite Index

A quick reminder: Please feel free to email me to sign up for our weekly earnings season updates as the season is now upon us. We send out a weekly summary of all earnings announcements for companies held in our portfolios. The update shows the company EPS & Revenue compared to Wall Street expectations. It is a way to track whether our live portfolio is delivering to our expectations.

PERFORMANCE as of 06/30/2018

For SMA, ITD & 3 Year Returns are annualized. For Hedge Fund, the inception date is Sep 1, 2017 so the returns are not annualized.

A quick refresher on what the IAS strategies are: IAS stands for Internet Advantage Strategy. We use real-time big data generated by consumers online to measure the digital interaction of over 2,000 publicly traded companies. The data is analyzed and compared to historical data to find trends that imply a company is having stand-out success (or lack thereof) in its industry. Our platform identifies the best possible investments every month based on the changing digital footprints that we observe. We deploy in Equity Long/Short and Long-only (called the Best Equity Picks) formats.